Ocean Pro Blade Point Dive Knife


  • <b> Ocean Pro Blade Knife, Blunt Tip: </b>
  • Economical Dive Knife
  • Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Blade Length: 5″ (14 cm)
  • Full Straight Edge

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If you’re looking for an economical dive knife then the Ocean Pro Blade just might fit the bill. The Ocean Pro Blade is made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel with a 5″ (14 cm) Blunt Tip Blade. The Knife Bladed has a Straight Edge on one side with a Partial Serrated Edge on the other. The Serrated side of the Blade also is equipped with a Line Cutter. The Impact Resistant Handle is ribbed for a Positive Grip and has a Metal Hammer End. The Ocean Pro Blade Knife comes with a Quick-Release Locking Noncorrosive Plastic Sheath with Adjustable Straps for mounting on the diver’s leg or gear.



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