Cressi Big Eyes Crystal Diving Mask (Black)


  • Sleek, low profile design

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Big Eyes gives you the widest field of vision available today. Compared with traditional masks, it is 30�� wider in all directions, not least downwards: Cressi has researched and patented the angle of the lenses to guarantee all-round visibility. This makes the problem of getting changed in the water a thing of the past. To ensure that the wider field of vision does not interfere with compensation, the Big Eyes’ internal volume is comparable to that of a traditional mask. The double lens design makes for extremely natural vision and does not tire out the eyes. The profiled anatomical frame is streamlined to the maximum, so much so that it disappears before your eyes. If the visibility is perfect, the seal is quite outstanding: hypoallergenic anatomical silicone skirt; seal ring all around the skirt and adjustable buckles which make for a perfectly comfortable fit.Brand NEW with full Manufactures Warranty!Backed by Joe Diver America’s Return Program and Warranty



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